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Reasons to buy and give handmade jewelry

In this article, we will make an approach to the concept of handmade jewelry. We will give you very good reasons to buy and give these types of items as gifts. We will tell you what our idea of craftsmanship is and how it is developed and is present in our manufacturing process of minimalist pendants, rings and earrings. Values and advantages to buy and give handmade jewelry From our point of view, quality is always more interesting than quantity. Giving or buying handmade jewelry is an act that transcends a “standardized” idea of consumption. When we give or buy a special jewel, we will …

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Joyas artesanales

Modern Jewelry: Trends for 2022

Jewelry trends are renewed every year in both modern jewelry and other styles. From ” El Pez Dorado ” we seek to adapt to the different moments in order to offer you modern and unique pieces according to the trends of the present. All this, without ever losing the essence of our proposal, such as the creation of timeless pieces, which go much further than one moment or one style in a given context. So that you know a little more, we want to offer you here a panoramic vision of the current trends in modern jewelry. This way you will know which are the …

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Modern Jewelry Trends 2022

Minimalist Jewelry: the best minimalist jewelry designs for you

That minimalism has broken into our lives is obvious. It is a movement that has been installed in our daily lives, becoming a way of understanding disciplines such as home decoration or fashion, among others. But it is not the only spectrum in which it has had an impact. Minimalist jewelry burst onto the scene a few years ago with force and today we can affirm that it is also here to stay and to be an important part of your “total look”. What is Minimalist Jewelry? To speak of minimalist jewelry is to refer to a type of jewelry that is small, but that …

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What jewelry to give on Valentine’s Day?

Give jewelry on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a date that is commemorated all over the world. February 14 is the time for lovers. The history of this day dates back to the third century, since it is said that in Rome there was, in honor of Saint Valentine, a religious who married and protected young people who fell in love. Nowadays, many couples celebrate this day with a gift, and one of the most interesting options is to give jewelry on Valentine’s Day. If you do not know what the best jewelry for that day is, we will give you a lot of ideas …

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Joyas en San Valentín

The handmade and sustainable jewelry of ElPezdorado

In this post, we simply want to tell you a little about ourselves and Elpezdorado. Many of you already know us. We are a brand of handmade and sustainable jewelry, which has been working tirelessly for more than seven years to make and offer you something different. We, Fátima and Luis, are behind the whole project, and we want to tell you very well everything that has to do with this new stage.   HOL@, WE ARE FÁTIMA MONTERO AND LUIS ALHAMA: CREATORS OF ELPEZDORADO It all started in June 2014, when we started selling handmade pendants and earrings at the legendary “Mauerpark flea market” …

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One of the things we value most in ELPEZDORADO, is the possibility that it offers us to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines.



As for many independent brands, it is essential for us to participate in handmade design fairs.

movimiento handmade


We take care of the way you receive our product. It is crucial for us how our pieces arrive to you or you will give them to a special person.

packaging joyeria

Our Pieces

We want you take part in our process. Thus we’re going to tell you some details, how we work, how you will receive your pieces and words of advice about materials and how to care them.

elpezdorado working
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