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minimalist jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry: the best minimalist jewelry designs for you

That minimalism has broken into our lives is obvious. It is a movement that has been installed in our daily lives, becoming a way of understanding disciplines such as home decoration or fashion, among others. But it is not the only spectrum in which it has had an impact. Minimalist jewelry burst onto the scene a few years ago with force and today we can affirm that it is also here to stay and to be an important part of your “total look”.

What is Minimalist Jewelry?

To speak of minimalist jewelry is to refer to a type of jewelry that is small, but that does not stop being interesting or attracting our attention. Their main characteristics are elegance together with their simplicity and the search for the essential. These are pieces created with resistant materials whose purpose is that they appear before us as fine and delicate jewels.
Other fundamental characteristics of these jewels is that they can be used on any occasion. Gone is that of waiting for a gala event or a party to show off your favorite accessories. You can combine them in your day to day with any outfit and take advantage of them to be part of your style and personality. Being very subtle pieces, you can combine them with everything and they will be the perfect complement if you decide to wear them with you every day.

Trends in Minimalist Jewelry

As with clothing, minimalist jewelry also evolves along with trends that vary according to the season. These trends have to do fundamentally with the size, shape and color of pendants, rings and earrings, as well as the combinations of different materials that are used depending on the collections. With all this, the aim is for jewelry to be the ideal companion for fashion collections around the world.
If you are interested in wearing these jewels with you, look for the trend that best suits you, but remember that it is you, with your choice and your own combinations, who will mark your personality and style.

Geometric shapes in minimalist jewelry

Within the minimalist jewelry trends, geometric shapes are undoubtedly a constant. It is about alluding to simple figures, so that it is the person who wears it, the one who gives it its mark and its meaning. The options of geometric shapes are endless, but generally they all seek within simplicity, a certain balance and harmony; in addition to playing with metaphors and symbols. These geometric shapes can be seen in any type of jewelry, whether they are earrings, pendants or, of course, rings.

As a paradigmatic example, you can find our Rhombus gold earrings, which have a rhombus design with subtle and delicate lines. Elegance will be present in this piece, whose material also presents resistance and quality: 925 Sterling Silver and 24k gold-plated silver. Also, if you are looking for the complete look, you could combine it with a pendant that has either the same shape, or a shape in which straight lines and diagonals predominate, present in several of our models of handmade pendants.

Another very interesting option for ring lovers is undoubtedly a silver ring with different types of rectangles . That the piece is asymmetrical in its design adds some value and insight. These attributes will make it an original ring that will attract the attention of all those who are looking for something different in jewelry. In this case, the ring is in 925 sterling silver and has the particularity that it is adjustable, so if your friend asks you for it one day, there will be no problem.

Shapes with curves and movement in jewelry

Following the trends of minimalist jewelry, it is necessary to pay attention to the curves and movement of the different pieces. In the different pendants and earrings of both jewelry and costume jewelry, the drawings determine the composition and therefore the movement of the whole, something that is achieved after many tests, trials, sketches, designs and “redesigns”.
We can see this type of play in the different pendants and earrings in our collection at Elpezdorado. This is the case of long curved color earrings . In addition, they have the particularity that they are very fresh precisely because of that touch of color that is added to the yes.

Something similar happens with another of our designs: Fine Chrysalis, a motif that translates into a 24k gold-plated silver pendant. The curved lines of the chrysalis game give a sensation of movement that adapts to our neck, giving it a very special touch.

Shapes with straight lines in jewelry

We have talked about trends in geometric drawings and curves, and now we cannot fail to mention the shape and the straight line as one of the constants in geometric jewelry. Betting on minimalism inevitably goes through the appreciation of these compositional games of lines and straight lines. Something so simple with a line design to provide that particular touch in the earrings or pendants that are chosen.
If you want to add something extra, the ideal would be to choose designs that have a touch of color. As for example in line colored earrings . They are a very subtle, small design that will bring everything that minimalist jewelry has. And you can also choose the color that best suits your own tastes between, for example, white, black, pink, turquoise or Aegean blue. Made of enameled brass and nickel free.

This type of design is ideal for those who are not used to wearing jewelry or earrings because they will go unnoticed but will provide that ideal complement in combination with any garment.
Themes in minimalist jewelry earrings and pendant sets
Until now we have talked about trends and formal issues, but something very important and that is very popular in minimalist jewelry are the themes in each of the pieces. The forms have to go further, and are full of symbols, icons and other visual signs that end up connecting with each one of us.

If you are a nature lover, a set of earrings and pendant that reflects the mountain would be a great choice. Our Eclipse piece is also quite a symbol in this same line. It would also be a benchmark, our lotus flower set that combines perfectly with drop or leaf-shaped earrings. It is also necessary to mention some mini pendants such as the Adam’s Rib.

Other of our paradigmatic pieces in terms of symbolism and meaning are the Ginko Leaf , the Arrow pendant or pieces such as the Modular Silver pendant . The interesting thing about all these pieces and sets is that they will not fail to provide all the classic characteristics of minimalist jewelry, however, going a step further because they convey a message or tell a story through the combination of their shapes and his particular style.

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