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Joyas artesanales

Reasons to buy and give handmade jewelry

In this article, we will make an approach to the concept of handmade jewelry. We will give you very good reasons to buy and give these types of items as gifts. We will tell you what our idea of craftsmanship is and how it is developed and is present in our manufacturing process of minimalist pendants, rings and earrings.

Values and advantages to buy and give handmade jewelry

From our point of view, quality is always more interesting than quantity. Giving or buying handmade jewelry is an act that transcends a “standardized” idea of consumption. When we give or buy a special jewel, we will value things that go beyond how much we “like” the pendant, earring or ring in question. We will take into account aspects such as the material, the manufacturing process or everything that has to do with the journey of our product until it reaches us. For all these reasons, when we look for a special handmade jewel or accessory, we will ask our jewel to have a timeless character that differentiates it from the rest. We will look in our handcrafted pendants, earrings and rings for the possibility of establishing an emotional bond.

colored jewelryJoyas artesanales

The value of manufacturing processes

One of the attributes that are sought in relation to the purchase or gift of handmade jewelry has to do with the quality of the material. In relation to the quality of the materials, we will pay attention not only to the components but also to their obtaining and their origin. It is important that a pendant is made of 925 sterling silver or nickel-free brass, but so is its origin. At the same time, the work with the different materials implies, on the part of the artisan jewelers, the application of a series of techniques and knowledge. The interesting thing about this knowledge is that it is transmitted through the different generations within the world of handmade jewelry.

Handmade jewelery as a limited edition

Currently, as the market is extremely demanding, small brands have to adjust the price and optimize the designs to obtain performance. However, the total or partial elaboration of our jewels makes us bet on quality. All of our designs are given in short runs and limited jewelery editions. Any of our handmade pendants, rings or earrings correspond to exclusive editions of a few copies. It depends on the model or the piece, we do not usually produce more than 250 pieces. This number of copies places us in a space of minimalist and exclusive jewels compared to the big brands, whose print runs are much more numerous. The limited edition aspect constitutes in our point of view one of the main reasons to acquire or gift someone with handmade jewelry.

Diseño de joyas

Towards current idea of jewelry and crafts

Our idea of handcrafted jewelery is undoubtedly due to the repercussion that handcrafted values have on the most immediate social and economic fabric. Buying and giving away an artisanal jewel we not only support our favorite creators but also contribute to promoting local employment. In the same way, we promote the cultural and economic diversity of our municipality, city or country.

jpyCreadores Elpezdorado

Elpezdorado’s idea regarding manufactured jewelry has to do with the importance and care of details. The closeness we maintain with our suppliers and customers is very important. And it is that, more than clients we have people who support us and buy. This treatment is something that helps us to improve and grow and, if we talk about a current idea of craftsmanship, communication is very important for us. One of the main aspects that differentiate us from a classic idea of craftsmanship will be being able to tell our public the meaning of our process and our brand. In this sense, design and advertising are part of a contemporary concept of craftsmanship for us.

Our proposal of handmade jewelery

In our blog , you can consult several posts where we see each and every one of the details that define our collections. In the same way, you can see all our products and their characteristics in our store . As you well know, we basically have two lines of work. Our collection of handcrafted jewelery in color and our collection of 925 sterling silver and three-micron plated jewellery. In both, geometry and aspects related to minimalism and nature predominate.

In the case of Elpezdorado, it is important for us that the materials and their treatment come from SMEs that know and treat their employees well. This aspect is a handicap for small businesses and sometimes leads to tight profit margins that condition our development.

Joyas artesanales calidad joyas diseño

However, it is a long-term commitment and we are convinced that there is a growing and aware public that is looking for something different. We believe in a transition towards the exclusive, the ethical and the sustainable and we do not give up our efforts to be able to claim it. For all these reasons, we will be delighted to share some of our ideas with you and we hope, above all, that we have given you a handful of good reasons to buy and give handmade jewellery.

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