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Terms & Conditions

We work on products made by hand and try to send them to you as soon as possible. But sometimes we need time to prepare and finishes; so we send your pieces between 24 and 72 hours after receiving your payment. You can find all the details in your shipping options.

Please, pay attention to all your data. If you are considering to make a gift, specify it in the recipient’s address. In the case of shipments to Canarias and Baleares Islands, we will facilitate you the tracking number but we can not be responsible if there are Duty taxes.

If you change your mind before confirming delivery, you will get your amount subtracting commissions entities. If there are special cases, El pez dorado will take any decision after talking with you. The appearance of any of our products, can range considerably regarding the images. We do not store any personal information. For any doubt we will be pleased to help you.

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