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Joyas en San Valentín

What jewelry to give on Valentine’s Day?

Give jewelry on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a date that is commemorated all over the world. February 14 is the time for lovers. The history of this day dates back to the third century, since it is said that in Rome there was, in honor of Saint Valentine, a religious who married and protected young people who fell in love. Nowadays, many couples celebrate this day with a gift, and one of the most interesting options is to give jewelry on Valentine’s Day. If you do not know what the best jewelry for that day is, we will give you a lot of ideas below.

Best jewelry to give on Valentine’s Day

The gift of jewelry on Valentine’s Day is an act of love and generosity. We think that the important thing, after all, lies in the fact that you take the time to think about that special person and share a unique moment with them. It is a way of showing someone how much you care, through a gesture full of romance, both for the person giving the gift and for the person receiving it.

Within the different jewels for Valentine’s Day that you can choose from our collections to give as gifts, we want to highlight some of them:

Mini Mountain Jewelry Set

If your partner is a nature lover, a perfect gift is one that represents the mountains. The mini-mountain set will be ideal for you to always carry something that identifies you.

It is a mountain-shaped pendant that you can choose between 925 sterling silver or 24k gold plated. Added to this are asymmetrical triangle earrings that complete the overall mini-mountain design in a very special way.

Mini Rhombus Set for Valentine’s Day

For a very special person, who lets themselves flow and likes geometric figures, this Mini Rhombus set is simply perfect. It is a set that consists of a pendant of three rhombuses intertwined with each other, which form a single figure. Along with it, some very special earrings in the shape of a square.

Remember that you can choose the material between 925 sterling silver or 24k gold-plated silver.

It would also be interesting if you give your own meaning to the idea of the three diamonds when giving this gift to the person you choose. Giving these jewels on Valentine’s Day will make that day a very special moment.

Set Triangles

If that special someone likes fine and minimalist jewelry, they will love these three interlocking triangles. It is a perfect jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day as it denotes perfection, union and balance. In the center, a larger triangle and on the sides, two equal triangles that adhere to the main piece. As a complement, our already “bestseller” asymmetrical triangle-shaped earrings.

Creativity on one side and stillness and sobriety on the other make this set of triangles a very nice gift for your special someone.

Mini Eclipse Set

For those who love astrology and the planets, the Mini Eclipse jewelry gift set will be ideal. It is a pendant that shows the precise moment and movement of a solar eclipse.

The eclipse, in addition to being a phenomenon of nature, has a great spiritual meaning since it shows a cycle in which something is hidden to be reborn.

As a complement, we recommend some small circle-shaped earrings, ideal to wear every day. You can choose the Mini Eclipse set in 925 sterling silver or 24k gold plated.

Mini Microcube Set

If your special someone is creative and avid for color, a Valentine’s jewelry gift of that style will be a great option, as is the Mini Microcube set .

This set is made up of a microcube-shaped pendant created in polished and enameled brass. You can choose the color you want for your micro cube between aegean blue, white, black, pink and turquoise.

The ideal companions for this set are the small dot or mini line earrings. If you are looking for an original and different jewel, this set has all the qualities you need.

Oval set

There are days when women want the jewelry we wear to be the protagonist of our look. For those days, this Oval set is perfect and what better way to give it as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

This is a set of a pendant that has a large oval created in polished and enameled brass. You can choose the color you want from this oval between: aegean blue, white, black, pink and turquoise.

To this are added some unique and handmade earrings that can be in the shape of a circle or a small dot of the same color.

Why give jewelry on Valentine’s Day?

If after seeing all the models and options you have, you still wonder why giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day is an excellent option, we will also give you some reasons:


Giving jewelry will leave a mark on your partner

Over the years, we are sure that she will remember this gift that you have chosen for her on such a special day. It is something that goes far beyond a few nice words or a bouquet of flowers, something that will always belong to you; a unique and unrepeatable piece of a material and finish that will last over time and that can even pass through different generations. There are many comments that come to us from people who have a very special bond with our pieces, and who have come to buy the same piece for another person because they have a very important emotional and symbolic charge.


With a particular jewel your partner will feel special

The fact that you have taken the time to find the right piece of jewelry to give her is something that will make her feel special. Much more if you make it a personalized jewel or that it has to do with their personal tastes. In addition, if you choose Elpezdorado it will be a jewel full of love and values, with style and personality. In this way, we are sure that you will be able to leave behind the idea of a standardized product. Remember that a goldfish is a different fish from the others and that it personifies something different and unrepeatable. It will be a gift that will travel straight to the heart.


It won’t go out of style

A piece such as a jewel of our style is something that will never go out of style, unlike if you decide to give, for example, a piece of clothing or another type of accessory. It is an accessory that you can wear either every day or on the occasions you choose to have a special and unique accessory in your outfit.


Giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day will make it an unforgettable moment

It is not just about giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day, but about making that moment unforgettable. Prepare a romantic dinner, a beautiful space that has meaning for both of you, and above all, be yourself the one who places that pendant around her neck, telling her everything it represents for you. Long live romance and love!

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